Dear Lance. just can`t wait to appreciate so so much, the Taller Tips you did not cease to support me with. thank you for doing this for free. just thanks.

Dear Lance,
I can`t really wait to say THANKS AGAIN for thinking of me. I won`t give up all the details you did not cease to send for my sake. I will continue to try my best to achieve the results. I like all the advice you have been providing. thanks for any help you have been. you are so good. worrying about my shortness! thank you dear. have good times
kubwimana Joseph - France
Hi Mr.Lance my DVD package arrived some days ago.Having perused it,I must say its impressive on the level of detail this package has and for sure I believe its going to help me grow to 6ft.3.I'll update u with my progress.Thanks again
J. Mbira
at last i grew half inch i guess
usually when i measures my self i never been completely 176cm
Aldo Tramell
Hey Lance,

"I actually grew about an inch after doing your exercises for 2 months"
A. Martinez
"Thanks to you I have grown 1 inch taller since I started getting these emails. I can't believe that it actually works."
Thanks... Jaysilynn
" I have grown 1 cm in one week."
Sebastian Barriga
"oh man i watched ur dvd and loved it...

it was like a learning documentary/movieyou son of a b****! i F***in love u!!!!!!
im about 5 10 now
lost 10 pounds
way happier guy
getting better grades even just cuz of my planned out schedule and happiness
did not use the diagrams though bro... i was good with the vid
3 inches in about 6 months :) im 15
either way i thought there was no chance but it worked andi m still goin for 6 ' 4
people respect me more in basketball and i look short next to no one
im very happy u were born pal (K) (L) llove u
no homo"
J Rehman
"Well I have gained 1 centimeter in 1 one week and two days . Anyways this is a good guide . The benefits of a good stature and others are true . I am 14 years and 11 months and 1,69 meters."
"Lance, Absolutely loved the content of your DVD, I'm sure by your own admission what is clear is the amateur nature of the DVD, but that did not detract from the sheer quality on offer!! I think as its not as commercialized, you can really lend your appeal to the "average joe" and people from all walks of life for that matter!! I think you give people genuine belief they can fulfill their height goals, and I particularly enjoyed the Hollywood touches hehe (the OOPS bits, camera flaws..etc) nicely presented there at the end!! I will officially start your programme tomorrow, and in regards to my own program, I trust you to give me a little time, as I must lose this weight in a controlled manner, as I do not wish to end up with the muscleman's equivalent to "stretch marks" lol!! Bear with me, I shall be in touch!! Congratulations on your work once again! It seems laughable that 9/10 of people around us today will continue to insist height is genetic and never ever experience for themselves the power of "mind over matter" and witness the true adaptability of the human body - your ideas should prove revolutionary - FANTASTIC!!"
Regards, M Shah
"hey lance i got my dvd today and already did my morning exercises. I love this dvd i have faith that ill be able to grow a couple more inches. i play basketball and I’m 5'10 hoping to grow to at least 6'2. thanks again lance for all your help. ill be hearing from you soon."
A. Martinez
"hey lance thanks man, I’m getting taller i have grown 1 inch of height within about 2 or 3 weeks"
Harpreet Singh
"hi lance i have gained one inchbut this happened in 2 months of doing it"
R. Garg
"Thanks for the DVD. I really liked how to presented it, you seem such a down to earth guy!"
T Lung
"just 3 months ago my height was 5 foot 9 its not that bad but i wasn't ever happy with and i had tried to gain height since the age of 18 but everything else failed until i came across this DVD. 3 months ago and i managed to gain 4 inches of height in such a small amount of time, and the reason i wanted this height gain so bad was because i had no confidence in getting girls because i women are attracted to taller guys, and also i wanted this modeling job but was too short.
and the best thing about the taller 4 u dvd is that it starts to work straight away and because its a dvd its easier to follow. and kept me determined as i gained half an inch in just 4 days. AND OH YEAH MY FRIEND TRIED THE PROGRAM AS WELL AND GREW FROM 5 FOOT 6 TO 5 FOOT 11"
Ebay Member:- djclue94 ( 67 )
peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
"Thanks lance I have grown 1cm in jus a couple of days using your dvd man..."
D. Mcclinton
"Hey. I just want to tell u that I measured myself today and I've grown more than 1,5 cm in one week! I can't believe that it actually worked."
M. Windahl
I've done the program now for 3 weeks and I’m now 3 cm taller!
M. Proffs
"Hello Lance,

I was very surprised at how fast I started growing and I would like to personally thank you for the
M. Saville
"Hi I'm 19 just about turn 20 and I grew the 3.9 inches in 90
days, I found the guide pretty easy to follow and it is probably
the easiest grow taller program. To be honest I didn't think
that I would grow that much or really grow at all. Since I grew
I have had quite a bit of attention from others because I had
been the same height for so long and all of a sudden I was
taller in such short time. I only really wanted to be 6 foot but I
thought why not go a little further.

The height has helped my confidence because I was always
self conscious about what others thought of me but I now I feel
like I'm over that huddle.

And I was always healthy but I do feel healthier Since the

M. Patel
"am right i think i have improved around 3.5 cms in last couple of months"
"It's Ivars! I am very thanksfull for making me taller! You really takes care for peoples who really wants that!"
ivars Laiminjsh
Hey Lance
After 2 month of stretching I went from 5'11'' to 6'
Thanks for the help :)
Friendly regards
John Harrison Lewis, Denver,Colorado, United States
Thank you sir ...first thing first ..well i have been doing stretching exercises from last couple of months but i have been improving very very slowly...if i am right i think i have improved around 6 cms in last couple of months at age 21.

Thank you so much!
Neil Sarkar – India
It's Ivars! I am very thanksfull for making me taller! You really takes care for peoples who really wants that!
My brother is smoker,but i'm not! I want prove him I can built my body by natural exercises,with your help! He is taller then me about 2-3cm.

Best regards,Ivars!
ivars Laiminjsh – Latvija
I can not begin to thanks you for that tip that you send to me pertaining to height increase.
Again I must say thank you very much.
Collis Andrews
i have grown 1.5cm after 18 days! can u believe it bro!
Qimie Dangdut - Singapore